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Do you know what it's like to feel things this intensely, to have reserves of joy and sorrow so deep that sometimes it feels like they might swallow you whole? But when she sang it, I believed her.

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Ilm deals captures the experience of being young and coming into your own emotional power, the way that opens you up to both elation and anguish, and how volatile it can feel to swing from one extreme to the other.

It's insistent and urgent, a twangy guitar riff looped over a punchy aerobic drum pedal, and her vocals sound a little bit strained, and as it throbs and lurches along toward the two-minute mark, the instrumentation suddenly drops out and she sings maybe her most perfect couplet ever: Watch the way she pivots from past to present tense in that shattering bridge, making the pain of the memory immediate -- that perfect sleight of hand.

I was young and lost and the world seemed like an inhospitable place for someone like me who felt things so deeply.

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